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Cheekpoint Village & Facilities

Cheekpoint is a small picturesque village situated on the southern bank of the River Suir. The village has a strong maritime history stretching back to the days of sail, as a mail station and a once-thriving fishing community.

The land rises to the south in the shape of the Minuan, a hill which provides excellent shelter from the prevailing South to Southwest winter gales. The Minaun and nearby Hurthill offer great nature walks and trails.

The Village has a local well-stocked shop, pub/restaurant, and a children’s park. Faithlegg house hotel and golf course are within walking distance.


Waterford City and Dunmore East are approx. a twenty min car journey.


Cheekpoint Harbour

Waterford harbour is in the SE of Ireland and it is made up of the three rivers; the Barrow, Nore, and Suir. Collectively known as the three sisters.


The rivers meet at Cheekpoint and flow as one to create the harbour. Cheekpoint is also the meeting point of the counties of Waterford, Kilkenny and Wexford, and the provinces of Munster and Leinster.


The port of Waterford and of New Ross lie above us on, respectively the Suir and the Barrow. Whilst below on the Waterford side we have Passage, Crooke, Woodstown and Dunmore East. On the Wexford side, we have Great Island, Campile, Nuke, Ballyhack, Arthurstown, Duncannon and the Hook.  

Andrew Doherty, Waterford Harbour Tides & Tales.

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Pubs & Restaurants 

McAlpin’s Suir Inn has been in the ownership of the McAlpin family since 1971 but as of recently, it has been sold and is now running under new management.

The Inn itself goes back a lot further than that as it was built in the 17th Century and has been an Inn for almost 300 years.


In 1971 the pub was bought by Dunstan and Mary McAlpin. The pub stayed open and had a steady drinks trade due to the busy fishing harbour. There was a demand for food and soon after Fresh Salmon Rolls appeared on the counter of The Suir Inn.

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